1. Founded Steven G. Smith Pictures in 2003

                                         2. Survivor of Visual Communication Graduate School

                                         3. Spent Part of His Childhood in Lagos, Nigeria

                                         4. Married His College Sweetheart

                                          5. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize (see images below)

                                           6. Client List: CNN, Time, PBS, ABC News, 20/20, etc.

                                           7. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, but Travels the World

                                           8. Photographed Three American Presidents

                                           9. Loves to Help the Next Generation of Storytellers

                                           10. Topic That Breaks His Heart Human Rights




Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, 2003 (shared award, photo essay, print, and multimedia) The Rocky Mountain News

Steven G. Smith Pictures

Long-form bio


A professional visual communicator specializing in editorial photography and new media storytelling. Works in both still/motion photography and new media design.


An award-winning communicator with an international client list. His work has been published by a variety of different media outlets including Time magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian magazine, PBS, ABC News 20/20, etc.


His work focuses primarily on visual journalism and new media storytelling. He utilizes digital cinematography, still imagery, multimedia design, kinetic typography, and audio to create different forms of time-based media used in nonfictional storytelling. He enjoys working on new media projects collaboratively to utilize the strengths of each of the member of the team.


His photography and multimedia storytelling have been recognized by some of the world's most prestigious contests, having received over 120 regional, national and international awards/honors including: The Pulitzer Prize (nominated 4 separate times, shared winner in 2003), Communication Arts, Pictures of the Year (ten-time winner), The Best of Photojournalism, The Society of News Design (individual portfolio award), and The World Sports Foundation, etc.


Smith's work has been shown in a variety of world-class museums and institutions, including the Smithsonian Institute, the International Professional Photography Hall of Fame, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Science Museum (South Kensington, London, England), and Kanagawa Prefecture, (Japan), etc. For a partial summary of additional shows, please see the list of exhibitions.


Contact  970 618 5584        Email: steve@stevengsmith.com